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Hello and welcome to the Fostering Philly blog! Below, find some of our latests posts on foster care, Philadelphia, and parenting.

Our First Foster Care Placement

Our First Foster Care Placement

We had only been certified as foster parents in Philadelphia for 2 days when we got our first foster care placement. It turns out that is not too uncommon – there is a great need for foster parents in Philly. It was around 8pm and our two girls were already in bed. A caseworker at a local hospital called and told us she had a newborn in need of a home.

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Getting Started in Philadelphia Foster Care

Getting Started in Philadelphia Foster Care

Our journey started over two years ago when staff from a local foster care agency, Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM), in Northeast Philadelphia, gave an introductory training and Q&A at our church. After that initial exposure, we were pretty sure we wanted to be a part of foster care in Philly.

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Learn More About Foster Care

The following guides can help get you up to speed on several important aspects of foster care in Philadelphia.


Learn about financial support available for foster parents.


Learn about healthcare topics such as doctors visits and insurance.

The Legal System

Learn about family court, hearings, and child custody.

Caseworkers and Visits

Learn about the different types of caseworkers, home visits, and parent visits.

New Placements

Learn about what to ask when receiving a new placement and the first week in care

School and Daycare

Learn more about education, school, and daycare.

Adoption and Permanency

Learn about foster care, adoption, and foster-to-adopt.

Foster Care Policies

Learn about policies like travel and babysitters